Interesting “Watchmen” Tie-Ins

The Warner Brothers merchandising people are having a field day with the upcoming “Watchmen” film with various interesting products hitting the shelves and online.

“Watchmen” photographer Clay Enos has enlisted his Organic Coffee Cartel (OCC®) to produce a first-of-its-kind movie tie-in coffee for “Watchmen,” the upcoming film adaption of the celebrated graphic novel. Yesterday OCC introduced Veidt Enterprise’s “Nite Owl Dark Roast,” a limited-edition confection and collectible designed for fans and organic coffee gourmands alike. A portion of the proceeds from the special roast will be donated to charity. The coffee can only be ordered through the official website.

The latest episode of the online web series “Kyle Piccolo: Comic Ship Therapist”, entitled ‘Pirates vs. Ninjas’, is the first of three episodes for that series which will be embedded with cryptic “Watchmen” references and mentions. Check out the first one at UGO.Com.

On top of the ubiquitous lunchboxes, keychains, action figures, and so on there’s stuff for adults as well. Along with a Rorscach-inspired ski mask (pics), there are Dr. Manhattan-inspired neon blue condoms (pics) with the words “We’re society’s only protection” emblazoned on the packaging. Sadly they don’t glow in the dark.