Insidious Sequel Not A Sure Thing?

Touted as the most profitable film release of the year thus far, many have been wondering when James Wan’s supernatural thriller “Insidious” will start getting the sequel treatment like his early work “Saw”.

Surprisingly, producer James Blum tells STYD that a follow-up isn’t a high priority. “There’s no plan, no release date, nothing like that. I think James feels the same as Oren Peli, who was very sceptical about doing a sequel to Paranormal Activity until Michael Peri pitched an idea and it made sense” says Blum.

He goes on to not rule one out in the future providing that writer Leigh Whannell comes up with a good enough idea – “If Leigh comes up with a story that’s inventive and that James feels is worth making – as opposed to ‘let’s make another movie and make money’ – we would do it. And if Leigh doesn’t, we won’t.”