Inside Out Beats “Jurassic” At Box-Office

The final numbers for the July 4th holiday weekend box-office are in with Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out” slipping past “Jurassic World” and taking the top spot with $29.8 million, just ahead of the dino sequel with $29.2 million.

The news must give the studio a sigh of relief as “Inside Out” was looking to be the first Pixar film NOT to sit in the top spot at the box-office over a weekend. The film has already garnered a very nice $245.9 million domestically.

“Jurassic World” meanwhile now sits as the fourth-highest grossing domestic grosser of all time with $566.5 million. In third place was “Terminator: Genisys” which nabbed $27 million which is not a good sign for the costly sequel.

Speaking of Pixar, the first photos have been released over at USA Today from “Sanjay’s Super Team,” the new short film that will be attached to copies of “The Good Dinosaur” when that film opens in November.

The story follows a superhero obsessed Indian-American boy who finds something cooler than his favorite show when three Hindu deities come alive to take care of a pesky monster.

Source: Variety