Inside Man, “Thomas Crown” Sequels Dead

One of my favourite studio films of 2006 was Spike Lee’s clever heist drama “Inside Man”. It also proved a hit not just with critics but at the box-office, grossing $184 million from a $45 million budget.

Plans for a sequel have been talked about on and off for a while and late last year it was looking like one was going to be in the works later this year. Sadly that no longer seems to be the case.

Lee told ESPN that “We were going to do Inside Man 2 but it didn’t workout” when asked if he would work with Denzel Washington again.

Speaking of good studio films, MGM’s long-gestating sequel to 1999’s still very enjoyable “The Thomas Crown Affair” remake has been on the verge of happening for a decade. Recently however things seemed to pick up steam as Paul Verhoeven (“Robocop”) had apparently signed on to direct.

Now, Verhoeven tells MTV News that he’s “not [involved] anymore… There was a script written by two young writers that used the fact that now we’re living 15, 20 years later. Ultimately, [the studio] decided not to [use] that script anymore. Then there was a regime change. And basically I felt that I could not follow [on the project].”

With Verhoeven off, it doesn’t mean the film has been cancelled, but with the studios present problems and the current script now sitting in a dustbin, it’s not looking like we’ll see any more adventures with Crown.