Inside Man 2 – Same Cast, New Plot

One of the best mainstream efforts of 2006, Spike Lee’s richly textured bank heist thriller “Inside Man” has been set for a sequel for around a year now.

This week however Spike Lee tells MTV News that the project is moving forward quickly, but the original plans have changed somewhat.

The good news is that the four key members of the original cast will return – Clive Owen as the criminal mastermind, Denzel Washington as a world-weary NYPD detective, Jodie Foster as an unscrupulous businesswoman and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Washington’s partner.

The surprise this time is that Russell Gerwitz’s script, which involves Owen’s character getting caught up in a New York diamond district heist, has been completely ditched.

No word on the new plot but Lee indicates Terry George (“Hotel Rwanda”) has taken over scripting duties and has locked the film’s first act.

So is any sort of schedule set? “If the script is up to snuff, we’ll be shooting it. Here’s the thing: if everything lines up people’s schedules are open, [we’ll begin in] late summer, early Fall.”

Like the first, the sequel will be shot on location in New York City.