Inkheart, Pride Delayed Til 2009

New Line has pushed back the Brendan Fraser family fantasy feature “Inkheart” from this year to January 2009.

The project began production in late 2006 and was originally slated for early Fall 2007 before a six month delay pushed it back to March 19th. Another delay, this time a full ten months, is not a good sign at all.

Not helping is that Brendan Fraser has two other family-adventure films coming this Summer only a month apart – Universal’s third “Mummy” movie and New Line’s own “Journey 3D”.

The studio believes it can’t adequately market the film in light of the hit television is taking from the writer’s strike.

The same reason is being used for the delay of “Pride and Glory”, the upcoming Edward Norton and Colin Farrell cop drama scheduled to open the week before in March 14th, which has also been pushed back to 2009.