“Inhumans” Medusa Actress Explains That Hair

If there’s one challenge the upcoming TV series adaptation of the Marvel Comics title “Inhumans” is going to have the most difficulty tackling, it’s that of its lead female character’s hair.

In the comics Medusa, wife of royal family leader Black Bolt, has prehensile red hair that’s as functional and strong (if not stronger) than limbs. With these flowing crimson locks, she can do multipe tasks from lifting objects of varying weight to holding off aggressive attacks to her person.

In the video released last month, actress Serinda Swan’s more orange than crimson wig seems as lifeless as normal hair. Speaking with Screen Rant on the set not long ago, Swan explained that a combination of CGI and practical effects will come together to create the effect when we do finally get to see it.

The main reason we haven’t seen it is the scenes with her so far have mostly been with other people or in public spaces:

You will definitely see her hair have moods. There will be some moody hair. You know because that’s her! You know, it’s the same when you are in an argument, your fists curl. When you are like meeting someone and you’re nervous, your hands sweat. It’s her. And it is all of that.

And it’s a little less when she is out in public because she is like ‘I am queen’ because it would be slightly distracting… so she controls it when she is out in public, but you’ll see a much more intimate side with her and her hair with Black Bolt”

Swan also had to learn how to fight with this partly CG-enhanced hair and how it informed her physical reactions:

“One of the cool things with Medusa obviously is her hair and learning how to use it through the wig, but then also through the CGI. So there are moments where you are in fights or intense situations and you have to know how to use your face at the same time that you are using your hair, so there has been a lot of really amazing scenes where I have to sit down and go, ‘Okay. If it was my arm, how would I do it if it was my arm? What would my face do?’ And then have the duality between the two because it’s sort of another appendage for her.

“Inhumans” premieres in IMAX on September 1st, and on ABC on September 29th.