“Infinity War” Trailer & Pre-Sales Soon?

We’re now just over six weeks out from the release of “Avengers: Infinity War” in cinemas with last week’s extensive EW report followed up by “Entertainment Tonight” posting a new featurette for the film today which can be seen below (sadly no new footage).

However there’s one question everyone has been asking in recent weeks – where’s the trailer? In terms of public release, we’ve only seen one trailer for the film to date – the teaser trailer which went up in late November.

Since then though? Nothing aside from a short Superbowl commercial with some brief seconds of new footage. There’s been speculation the film’s full trailer was to be attached to “Black Panther,” didn’t happen. Then it was going to be attached to Disney’s last big film before ‘Avengers’ opens, last week’s “A Wrinkle in Time”. That didn’t happen either.

Earlier today Marvel India posted a tease suggesting a new Hindi trailer is coming tomorrow, and lead to speculation the new trailer would arrive then as well. ComicBook.com reached out to Disney who shot that down saying no new ‘Infinity War’ trailer will be released tomorrow.

So when is it coming? The earliest possibility is the end of this week as the same site has revealed that a poster on Reddit claiming to work for one of the exhibition chains says pre-sales of tickets for the film will begin this Friday with first showtimes available starting at 7pm on Thursday April 26th. There will also be a 3D fan event with collectibles reserved for fan event ticket holders at 6pm the same day.