Infinity War Scribes Talk Thanos, Heroes

Earlier this year a comment from “Captain America: Civil War” co-director Joe Russo sent Marvel fans into a tizzy. At the time he was talking about preparation for work on “Avengers: Infinity War” and mentioned that the two-part saga boasted a massive story he and brother Anthony Russo were breaking down on “a board with 67 characters on it.”

Talking to The Huffington Post this week, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely say audiences shouldn’t expect those kinds of numbers in the final film. Markus says: “That number comes from the fact that that’s everyone who’s already been introduced [in the MCU]. If you line up all the characters who are available to use from the prior Marvel movies, it racks up to about 60-something characters, let alone the new ones you could bring in.”

McFeely adds some background to Russo’s original quote: “We had our office filled with cards of everybody who was alive and available, and the [Russo] brothers came in and went, ‘Whoa.’ So that doesn’t mean that everyone is [in the movie], you know, there’s not going to be 67 lead parts.”

Josh Brolin’s Thanos will definitely be playing a major part in the film though. Markus says: “He’s never been the main character in that way, so giving lots of good screen time to Thanos is paramount and pretty fun.” McFeely adds” “There’s an aspect of, you know, people know what’s coming, so our challenge is how best are we going to handle this somewhat known quantity. But also he’s barely been touched on. He’s at about 20 seconds of screen time [so far].”

“Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” is currently targeting a May 4th 2018 release.