“Infinity War” Pre-Sales Skyrocket To MCU Highs

A few weeks ago the first tracking figures came out for “Avengers: Infinity War” with the domestic opening weekend at the box-office looking to hover around $200 million – about on par with the first “Avengers”.

It’s massive but was slightly less than the recent opening for “Black Panther” so there was some labelling it a disappointing figure. Of course ‘Panther’ at the same point in time pre-release was tracking to get only around half of what it eventually made. So that number for ‘Infinity War’ was bound to go upwards.

Well, apparently it has – considerably. Fandango reports that according to pre-sales figures two weeks out from release, the film is destroying previous Marvel Studios records at the same point in the cycle. In fact, it’s not only selling twice as many tickets as “Black Panther,” it has already pre-sold more than the last seven MCU films combined.

It has also already surpassed “Furious 7” to become Fandango’s top all-time April pre-seller, passing that milestone two weeks ago. The news comes as Marvel Studios has released a new ’10 Years of Fandom’ featurette in celebration of the studio’s first decade anniversary, and a ‘Family’ featurette about the camaraderie on the set of “Avengers: Infinity War” which opens on April 27th.