Infinity War Art Teases Soul Stone Holder?

The biggest question going into Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” is that of the sixth and final Infinity stone – the Soul Stone. The orange gem is said to be the largest and most powerful of the six stones and now a new promo poster for the film has gone up showing off the six stones and the bearers of each – including the Soul Stone it would appear.

The artwork, which popped up on Reddit, reportedly comes from the upcoming IncrediBuilds: Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet Deluxe Book and Model Set, which will be released on April 17th. In it we see Vision with the Mind Stone (it’s in his head), Thor with the Reality Stone (the Aether which is in the Collector’s personal collection following “Thor: The Dark World”), the Time Stone which is hanging around Doctor Strange’s neck, the Power Stone which the Guardians gave to the Nova Corps, and the Space Stone which dominated Captain America’s first film and was last seen in Odin’s vault with Loki taking it before Asgard blew up.

The Soul Stone? According to this Iron Man is tied heavily to the stone in some way (that or they needed to put the MCU’s biggest hero in there somewhere). The stone has been said to have been in front of us the whole time which has led to speculation about it being in a number of places – within Idris Elba’s Heimdall, at the centre of the vibranium meteorite in Wakanda, or that it is in fact an entire planet which is the orange skied alien wilderness seen in the ‘Infinity War’ trailers. Now, thanks in part to this, the speculation has turned to it being a part of the arc reactor in Tony Stark’s chest.

The first five minutes of the film are said to be devastating, the theory being several minor characters get killed off quickly right at the start. Trailers for the film have shown Thanos seemingly only having his hands on the Power and Space stones early on and even with just the two stones he’s able to unleash a huge amount of power.

“Avengers: Infinity War” hits cinemas everywhere on April 27th.

Infinity Stone Promo Art. from r/marvelstudios