Infinity Gauntlets So Hot They Were Recalled

Marvel has spent years building its cinematic universe around a major macguffin – the Infinity Stones and their eventual incorporation into the golden ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ of the villain Thanos.

Four of the stones have appeared on screen so far with the fifth and sixth likely to show up in “Doctor Strange” and the currently filming “Thor: Ragnarok”. Recently filmmaker James Gunn also revealed on Twitter that the stones will NOT be a part of the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” sequel.

However in a darkly amusing tie-in to that, it seems some of the related merchandising involving said Gauntlet has proven to be more dangerous than Thanos himself. It turns out the Consumer Product Safety Commission (via Movieweb) has posted a recall for a LootCrate exclusive item – an oven mitt shaped like the Infinity Gauntlet.

Why? Turns out these oven mitts pose a burn hazard to consumers due to lack thermal protection with 241 reports of burn injuries, including reports of the glove melting and burning consumers’ skin. The CPSC advises: “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled oven mitts, destroy them and contact Loot Crate to receive a replacement product of equal or greater value.”

Even the character’s creator Jim Starlin has weighed in, saying “save ’em as collectables but don’t use ’em around anything hot.” Loot Crate is already offering replacements for those who want to do so.