Infamous, “Titanfall” To Split Gamers

While both had some decent launch games, the real competition between the Microsoft and Sony begins in March as each launches their first real exclusive AAA title designed exclusively for their next-gen consoles – “Infamous: Second Son” on PS4 and “Titanfall” on XB1.

Now, IGN says that the two will differ in one significant way – single player vs. multiplayer.

While it was already known that “Titanfall” would be a multiplayer only experience, this week Sucker Punch confirmed that the new ‘Infamous’ will be a single-player only experience despite rumors to the contrary.

In many ways this is what a lot of fans have been asking for – a move towards segregated playing styles. While some games lend themselves to both modes of play, others simply don’t.

It’s seen in poorly assembled multiplayer campaigns attached to what inherently are single-player games such as “Tomb Raider,” “Far Cry 3,” and “Uncharted”. It’s seen in the afterthought that is the single-player campaigns on recent entries in big FPS franchises like “Call of Duty,” “Battlefield” and “Halo”.

Regardless of what kind of play you like, Microsoft and Sony have said they are anticipating high demand for their respective titles.