Infamous Game “Night Trap” Could Hit Browsers

Back in the very early 1990s came the first wave of criticism against video game violence with the blood and gore in the likes of “Mortal Kombat” and “Doom” often coming under fire and leading to the establishment of the ESRB video game ratings system.

Without question though, the most controversial game of the time was that of “Night Trap”. Banned in several countries and pulled from release in others, the game became the poster child for anti-video game violence supporters during U.S. Senate and Congressional hearings.

Consisting of full-motion video segments, the game had you monitoring a house which has been the scene of numerous disappearances and where a group of girls are now spending the night. The video sequences resemble nothing much more than a bad slasher film or some kind of “Silk Stalkings” meets “Twilight Zone” style deal. It mostly seemed to be about scantily clad young women being terrorised – in this case by masked ‘sci-fi vampire’ style things out to take their blood.

Though there’s no actual explicit scenes of violence or nudity in the game, and it is a spoof of old horror movies, the clip scenes were enough to give the suggestion that your job as a player was to attack these women. Released initially on the SegaCD system and then ported over to 3DO, PC and Macs, a fan of the game named Dan Voyles is reviving the title in an unexpected way.

Voyles managed to get a prototype version of the game running in a browser over on a tentative “Night Trap” website. It’s not a fully functional game as yet and Voyles is reportedly recruiting more fans to help him according to EuroGamer. It’s enough to have garnered the attention of one of the game’s original producers who has expressed interest in helping.

The attempt follows on from a failed Kickstarter campaign last year to remaster the original Sega CD version. Check out the trailer for that version below: