Indy 5 & E.T. Blu News From Ford & Spielberg

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford turned up for Hero Complex’s 30th Anniversary screening of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in Los Angeles this week and a couple of tidbits of news have come out via AICN.

Spielberg would be up for doing a fifth “Indiana Jones” film, as would Ford but the latter said “I ain’t gonna go to Mars” meaning we can likely not expect to see any more aliens coming back into the franchise.

In terms of back catalog Blu-ray releases, Spielberg says the “Indiana Jones” films are coming “soon” and he would like them out faster but they’re essentially waiting on George Lucas.

More likely to come first would be a Blu of “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” which would likely only be the original 1982 version, not the altered 2002 re-release version as Spielberg has twice this year expressed regret over having altered the film and has no such plans to do any other tinkering with his past features.