Indiana Jones IV Shooting Update

Various small factoids have popped up about the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” film in an article in the Associated Press.

Half the film’s runtime will consists of films shot on Los Angeles sets, another 20% will be scenes done in Hawaii which includes the film’s biggest action sequences.

The lush Hamakua coastal areas surrounding Hilo, Hawaii’s biggest island, are filling in as a South American rain forest. The film just wrapped the first of three weeks of filming in Hawaii, after spending a week each in New Mexico and Connecticut.

The shooting on Hilo involved 25 to 30 stunt performers and a ‘vehicle over a waterfall’ stunt that cost over a million dollars alone.

The cast and crew are expected to finish and leave for the next location early next week.

65-year-old Harrison Ford is doing most of his own stunts, a $125 million budget is being mentioned, and producer Kathleen Kennedy says “The cleverness, the humor and the tone of Indiana Jones is very much alive and well in this movie.”