Indiana Jones IV Filming Reports

Reports from the Connecticut Yale shoot for the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” flick have been flooding the Internet since filming began yesterday morning, so lets sort through some of the mess and make it easy to digest what in the world has been happening.

First up the juiciest bit by far has been Just Jared with the first good quality pics of Shia LaBeouf in full 50’s gear

giving Indy (Harrison Ford looking like he came straight from the “Firewall” set) a ride on his motorbike.

A report in The New Haven Register reveals that the pair are shooting a chase sequence which was rehearsed by stunt drivers the previous day. An extra talkes with News Channel 8 about his experience being a part of the filming.

Then there’s the official site’s video blog of the first day of shooting, showing off Lucas and Spielberg at work together again with Ford for the first time in nearly two decades.

Finally, and most confusingly, Reelz Channel has some details of what sequences were planned and then later nixed during the first day of shooting.