Independence Day 2 Boasts Ocean-Sized Ship

In 1996’s sci-fi disaster smash “Independence Day,” we saw dozens of alien ships the size of major cities which were all a part of one giant mothership the size of a large country.

For the upcoming sequel “Independence Day: Resurgence,” filmmaker Roland Emmerich had to go even bigger, the director telling EW that: “The Mothership comes to Earth, and it spans the Atlantic Ocean.”

Talking about the return of the creatures in the follow-up, he says the aliens are much stronger when they return to take their revenge on the human race. The new film will reflect a post-war tone in keeping in line with the events of the first movie which left many major cities wiped out:

“I always say, it’s a post-war world. We call [the first movie] the War of ’96. Which we won. But it’s also kind of clear that they were going to come back. So we’ve stayed unified. In these days when our world is so not united, this is a very poignant thing to do in a movie. To show how much we can accomplish.”

“Independence Day: Resurgence” comes to cinemas on June 24th.