Incredibles, “Ratatouille” Get 3D Re-Releases

Appearing at London’s 3D Creative Summit, Pixar Animation Studios director of 3D production Josh Hollander has announced that 3D re-releases are in the works for both “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille”.

Hollander says right now they’re working on retrofitting “The Incredibles” and they already have a version of “Ratatouille”, but in both cases the studio is unsure of a release strategy for the films.

Hollander also confirmed his teams are hard at work on the 3D for the upcoming Pete Docter-directed Pixar title “Inside Out”. The company is also exploring High Frame Rate, Ultra High Definition 4K and High Dynamic Range releases – the latter of which most intrigues them:

“High Dynamic Range seems most interesting to us because there are entire worlds of colour that we’ve not been able to show you and not be able to represent in our films because of the limited colour space of the display technologies. 4K is also interesting to us – that added clarity. High Frame Rate isn’t something we’ve been digging into yet, we doing some testing but it’s not banging down our door and begging for us to use it right now.”

Source: Screen