In-Cinema Trailers Get Strict Guidelines

The other NATO, the National Association of Theater Owners, have unveiled a new set of “voluntary in-theater marketing guidelines” which asks for much stricter rules in regards to in-cinema theatrical marketing by the studios – ie. film trailers and posters.

Amongst the major changes called upon by this exhibitors association:

1. All film trailers to be under two minutes

2. Trailers should be no earlier than 150 days in advance of a film’s release.

3. In theater promotional material should be displayed no earlier than 120 days in advance of a film’s release.

4. Each studio gets two annual exemptions to those above three rules, but even those exempt trailers can’t be over three minutes.

5. Other extended trailers have to be individually negotiated.

6. Trailers should be rating appropriate to the feature they’re playing with.

7. Trailers cannot have – “third party brands or endorsements” and can’t include anything that “encourages mobile phone use during the show” such as internet URLs.

8. Trailers are played in the theaters at the discretion of each theater chain or individual theater owner

The guidelines will only apply to films released after October 1st. As these are voluntary guidelines, it’s presently uncertain what kind of impact this will have just yet.

Source: Deadline