In-Canon “Star Wars” Comic Causes Shock

As we know, everything new that comes out from Disney and Lucasfilm related to the “Star Wars” franchise – from video games to comics to TV shows – is now considered part of official canon.

That’s probably why the fifth and latest issue of Marvel Entertainment’s “Star Wars” comic has caused such a big stir as the final chapter of the opening storyline of the series has introduced a whole new character – Sana Solo, wife of Han Solo.

With the comic set between the events of the original “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back,” the inclusion impacts the whole dynamic of the Han-Leia relationship in the films. However, the reveal of Sana took place at the end of the last issue, with the details of her relationship to Han not yet being fleshed out (best guess is a pre-‘New Hope’ ex-wife).

“Star Wars No. 5”, featuring the debut of Sana Solo, is available in comic stores now.

Source: io9