Impressive Bush On Wonder Woman

There was a while back in 2006 when every other week came a casting rumour about who would play “Wonder Woman” in the Joss Whedon film version.

Of course as nothing on the project seemed to have moved in a while (yo Joss, what’s up?), the talk died away. Hasn’t stopped the online fansites though from still pursuing the talk.

The IESB for example spoke to Sophia Bush at “The Hitcher” remake junket this weekend and asked her about the rumour of her involvement. Rather than the outright denial, the girl played coy:

“Q: So have you auditioned or has anybody talk to you about Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman?

Bush: Maybe. We’ll see.

Q: So you have talked to somebody about Wonder Woman.

Bush: Maybe. We’ll see”.

Gotta say Bush is the only name so far I’ve heard I actually really like. The “One Tree Hill” actress has proven surprisingly impressive in various supporting parts and a vehicle like this would be perfect.