IMDb Releases Its 2017 Top Films List

With the end of 2017 just days away, The Internet Movie Database has released a list of the Top 10 films of the year as voted on by their millions of users.

Unsurprisingly the list leans towards blockbuster fare that most people have seen, but there’s some admirable inclusions here of films that some have dismissed due to weak box-office performance.

Actually a welcome surprise is that at least half of these films also rated highly with critics with several of them appearing on ‘Top Films’ lists. The Top 10 are:

1. IT
2. Wonder Woman
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Logan
5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
6. Justice League
7. Split
8. Alien: Covenant
9. Thor: Ragnarok
10. Blade Runner 2049

The site also assembled a list of the ten most anticipated movies of 2018, and again the blockbusters are front and center with films based on Marvel Comics properties occupying the top three spots. The rest are sequels, prequels or spin-offs of existing franchises:

1. Avengers: Infinity War
2. Black Panther
3. Deadpool 3
4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
5. Tomb Raider
6. Pacific Rim: Uprising
7. The Predator
8. Ocean’s Eight
9. Mission: Impossible 6
10. Solo: A Star Wars Story