IMDB Alters Its Actor Birth Names Policy

Imdb Alters Its Actor Birth Names Policy

IMDb has revised its birth name policy, allowing industry professionals to remove their birth names from their profiles on the venerable film database.

SAG-AFTRA announced on June 26th that a coalition of national LGBTQ groups was backing the union in its fight for member privacy against IMDb. Said coalition objected to the continued publication of the birth names of transgender performers and people in the entertainment industry without their consent – a practice called ‘dead-naming’.

An IMDb spokesperson revealed the altered policy on Monday saying: “IMDb now permits the removal of birth names if the birth name is not broadly publicly known and the person no longer voluntarily uses their birth name.” IMDb’s customer support can be contacted to handle the removal.

In case of titles where a person was credited on-screen as their birth name, their credited name will remain listed in the credits section of the applicable IMDb name and title pages in parentheses.

Source: Variety