IMAX In Your Home… For A Small Fortune

IMAX has announced that they will build you a movie theater quality home cinema, that is if you have the money for it.

Bloomberg reports that IMAX is targeting high-net-worth individuals (ie. those with above $5 million in assets) to market their IMAX Private Theater initiative with the focus right now on China and the Middle East before heading to the United States and Europe.

Two options will be available to those buyers. The cheapest comes in at $400,000 for a theater that measures just over 800 square feet. It will have dual 4K 2D/3D projectors, a proprietary IMAX sound system, a touchscreen remote and seating for anywhere from 7-18 people.

The more expensive costs about $1 million and will seat up to 40 guests. Both allow for video gaming, karaoke, HD TV and Blu-ray. In China and the Middle East, those who get the theater also score a $10,000 secure set-top box dubbed IMAX Home Premier with customers able to get theatrical releases in their home for a considerable rental fee.