I’m Still Here Is Definitely A Hoax

On the day of the release of the controversial Joaquin Phoenix documentary “I’m Still Here”, the project’s director Casey Affleck has confirmed to The New York Times that the events portrayed in the film are fictional.

“It’s a terrific performance, it’s the performance of his career. The reviews were so angry. I never intended to trick anybody. The idea of a quote, hoax, unquote, never entered my mind. We wanted to create a space. There were multiple takes, these are performances. You believe what’s happening is real. There was no wink. It is a hard movie to watch” says Affleck.

Affleck adds that the film was modeled after the “gonzo” exploits of the late Hunter S. Thompson, and virtually the entire film is fabricated including the supposed home movies of Joaquin Phoenix’s childhood which were shot in Hawaii and then downgraded to look like VHS.

Most interesting will be next week when Phoenix will appear on David Letterman’s show, not in character this time. Letterman wasn’t in on the joke during the previous and infamous interview last year.