ILM Sets Up TV Division For “The Mandalorian”

Ilm Sets Up Tv Division For The Mandalorian

Oscar-winning visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic announced today that they’ve launched ILM TV, a brand new division to serve the streaming and episodic television market.

The first shows that ILM TV are coming onboard to work on are the new season of SyFy’s Superman prequel series “Krypton” and the Disney streaming service’s upcoming live-action “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”. Previously ILM worked on “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” back in the early 1990s.

The division will operate out of a new 47,000 square foot facility in London and be overseen by visual effects supervisors Hayden Jones and Jonathan Privett alongside “Black Mirror” executive producers Louise Hussey and Stefan Drury.

VFX supervisor Hayden Jones says in a press release: “We are extremely excited to be re-igniting ILM’s involvement in this market and to showcase the team’s expertise, unrivalled technology and production management globally. The television and streaming segments have grown exponentially in recent years and we are seeing substantial demand for high calibre visual effects that can be delivered on schedule and within budget, all of which lie at the core of our teams expertise and proven track record.”

Source: Syfy