IFC Films Teams With Criterion

IFC Films has struck an agreement with the Criterion Collection for the release of select titles from IFC’s library through the prestige DVD & Blu-ray label.

The distributor, who have had an impressive track record of great films this year including “In the Loop” (my top film of the year thus far), confirmed in a press release on Tuesday that the partnership will for now encompass at least twelve titles on Blu-ray and/or DVD.

First up will be Matteo Garrone’s acclaimed Napoli gangster feature “Gomorrah” which will hit stores on November 24th in both formats, and Arnaud Desplechin’s French ensemble “A Christmas Tale” in DVD format only on November 10th.

They will be followed by Steven Soderbergh’s two-part biopic “Che” on DVD & Blu-ray in December. Other IFC titles already earmarked for the Criterion treatment in 2010 include Swedish film “Everlasting Moments,” French features “Summer Hours” and “The Secret of the Grain”, Steve McQueen’s IRA prison drama “Hunger”, and Japanese feature “Still Walking”.

Before now IFC released films both in limited theatrical and via on-demand on the same day before releasing the titles on DVD exclusively through Blockbuster.

The new deal not only improves their home video range but gives the company an extra edge in acquisitions if filmmakers see a potential Criterion release of their film happening down the line.

IFC also recently signed a deal with MPI Media Group which will handle bare bones DVD releases of IFC’s less high brow and more genre fare like “Dead Snow,” “I Sell the Dead” and “Pontypool”. With both in place, the company can now cherry pick which titles get the full Criterion special edition treatment.

Catalogue titles such as Alfonso Cuaron’s “Y tu mama tambien” and Christopher Nolan’s debut feature film “Following” are also set for the Criterion treatment next year.