Idris Elba Talks His “Luther” Future

While many have championed actor Idris Elba for the role of James Bond, the actor himself doesn’t really listen to the talk because he feels his DCI John Luther character is fulfilling that need in him anyway.

Out doing promotion for the two-part fourth season of “Luther” which screens in the U.S. and U.K. next week, the actor tells Collider:

“In truth, candidly, everyone keeps talking about Bond, and all that nonsense, but the truth is, Luther is Bond. He’s a central character that gets himself in a lot of shit. There’s no re-invention of the wheel there.”

Indeed Elba says he has no plans to step away from the character for a while. Like with Cumberbatch, Freeman & Moffat on “Sherlock,” both the actor and the show’s creator (in this case Elba and Neil Cross respectively) hope to continue with the role and story until they’re old and grey many years down the line:

“Luther is one of those characters that I think we could just keep going with. We’re very fortunate to have a character that falls into that very weird space. In this world that we live in right now, we’re also looking for someone to speak up and go, ‘What the f–k?!’ and Luther is that guy. I like that about Luther. To have someone that just goes, ‘Don’t worry about it, guys, I’m gonna put on my grey coat and my tie and I’ll take care of it,’ let’s have that. If I can play that part forever, I’ll do it.”

Part of the reason is simply because the role is one that doesn’t require too heavy a commitment and can be done every now and then:

“We have a really well-educated, patient audience that haven’t actually really paid attention to the trappings of episodic. They’ve thought outside the box. With Luther, we’ve done six episodes, four episodes, and now two or one. The idea is that we’ve been allowed to, by the audience, just break down Luther, in any which way we want to.

I’ve been quite vocal about the genesis of Luther. It doesn’t quite fit with the 13 to 23 episode arc you might get on generic American TV, or English TV that has six episodes. Luther is too dark and too violent to be able to sustain over that sort of time. And as an actor, I want to do it forever and there’s no way I could do it for 23 episodes. There’s no way. So, the idea is to reinvent the audience’s anticipation of it.”

The inevitable seems to be an eventual “Luther” movie, something this two-parter is essentially a preliminary test for:

“I’ve been vocal about the idea of doing Luther as a film on the big screen with a bigger story and longer arc. This represents the very, very early pillar for the film’s true spirit. The idea is that we’ve obviously distilled it, via the season, to a place where we feel like we can tell the Luther story in a succinct package. This represents the TV version of that. I actually think that we can do a film version of it.”

Elba also adds that should a film be made he’d like his frequent “Luther” episode director Sam Miller, who also helmed the Elba-led sexual thriller “No Good Deed,” to direct.

The two new episodes of “Luther” air on December 15th & 22nd in the U.K. on BBC1, and in one giant block on December 17th in the U.S. on BBC America.