Idris Elba Plans “Luther” Music Album

Actor Idris Elba is reportedly planning an album inspired by John Luther, the conflicted police detective character he plays in the BBC crime drama “Luther”.

Though Elba is best known for his acting, he is also a noted rapper, DJ and music producer and has collaborated in the past with other musicians. Talking with BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, Elba says:

“I’d like to dissect the idea of someone who has to deal with so much darkness. Detectives carry a lot of stuff. They meet someone who’s done something heinous, but they have to have an objective perspective on them until proven. That could create some really good songs… and definitely an interesting mood, musically.”

The Luther-inspired album, which has the working title of Murder Loves John, isn’t as surprising news as you might expect. Elba recently finished work on mi Mandela, an album inspired by his time working on “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”.

“Luther” appeared to be all over until news last week that the show would be returning for a two-part special next year in the U.K., at the same time U.S. network FOX is said to be considering an American remake.

Source: Radio Times