ID4 Sequel Dead, Asimov’s “Foundation” Alive

Roland Emmerich says he intends to return to the sci-fi genre with his next film, but don’t expect it to be the “Independence Day” sequel that’s been rumored for years.

Emmerich tells Empire that “Independence Day 2 is nowhere. it’s back and forth, back and forth. There’s no script because I don’t want to write anything before anything starts.” This effectively shoots down talk that emerged last year that Will Smith was keen on reprising his role from the 1996 original.

Emmerich’s planned adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” seems more likely to happen as the decision about whether to proceed will be made shortly – “We’ve hired a production designer and it’s mainly now to find out what the movie will cost. It’ll take us until the end of March, then we’ll decide. The studio’s happy with the script, but now’s the time that the numbers count. I want to make a movie that’s very different from other science-fiction movies and I don’t want to have the burden of too big a budget.”

Emmerich is presently wrapping up work on his Elizabethan political thriller “Anonymous” which explores the raging debate about the true authorship of Shakespeare’s works.