Ice Cube Has “Vacation Friends” At Fox

Ice Cube is set to star in the comedy “Vacation Friends” at 20th Century Fox following a re-tooling of the project. Originally slated to be a vehicle for real-life husband and wife pair Chris Pratt and Amy Faris, the comedy will now feature Cube in the male lead. His female co-lead has yet to be cast.

Tom & Tim Mullen penned the script in which a conservative couple on vacation in Mexico befriend another couple and have a wild time. When the vacation is over and they return to their normal lives, the vacation couple suddenly shows up in their regular lives and… won’t leave.

Cube would play the tightly-wound lawyer who loves his seemingly innocent but dedicated girlfriend who actually has a wild streak that she lets loose while on vacation in Mexico. Steve Pink remains onboard to direct while Todd Garner, who worked with Cube on “Are We Done Yet,” will remain as producer.

Source: Deadline