Ice Cube Doubts “Last Friday” Will Happen

It has been nearly twenty years since the first and twelve years since the third film, but a fourth movie in the Ice Cube-led comedy franchise “Friday” has long been rumored.

Over the past few years, Cube has been saying that he, Chris Tucker and much of the original cast (Mike Epps, Terry Crews, John Witherspoon, etc.) were keen on doing a fourth film which would be called “Last Friday”.

Now, while doing a recent Reddit AMA for this month’s buddy comedy “Ride Along,” Cube seems to think the likelihood of the film happening has become remote:

“The next ‘Friday’ movie is caught up in development hell at New Line Cinema. Pray that we get it outta there.”

Cube will also be seen reprising his role of Captain Dickson in the upcoming “22 Jump Street”.