Ice Cube And Son Team For “April”? No

Earlier today came word via THR that Ice Cube and his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. could be teaming up again for the Donovan Marsh-directed action thriller “April 29, 1992” at Lionsgate.

Sascha Penn’s script follows an ex-criminal (Cube) who must save his son when a group of thugs raid his place of work in the hopes to steal an expensive amount of platinum.

Jackson Jr. starred as his father in “Straight Outta Compton” and notices for his acting were good enough that the studio considered this project feasible. Filming was said to begin in February and Will Packer will produce.

There’s just one problem – it’s not true. The pair’s representative has issued a statement to Deadline saying:

“Ice Cube and O’Shea Jackson Jr. have no plans to commit to this project at this time. Any speculations or rumors that suggest that they are confirmed are simply untrue.”

The two were reportedly approached several months ago about the possibility, but talks never really progressed. Cube’s next project is the New Line comedy “Fist Fight” with Charlie Day.