Iain Glen Is Bruce Wayne In “Titans”

Iain Glen Is Bruce Wayne In Titans

“Game of Thrones” and “Resident Evil” alum Iain Glen has scored the role of billionaire Bruce Wayne in the DC Universe series “Titans” when it returns for its second season in the Fall.

This take on the character has seen Wayne having spent several decades fighting crime as Batman. He remains just as driven to protect Gotham from evil as he was in his prime, but a need to reconcile his relationship with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) leads to them forging a new dynamic as Bruce tries to help his former sidekick and the Titans achieve success.

The 57-year-old Scottish actor is best known for playing mercenary knight and Daenerys’ most loyal servant Jorah Mormont in HBO’s ‘Thrones’. He returns to that role this Sunday night for the show’s final season premiere.

Glen joins a cast that includes the additions this year of Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Esai Morales as Deathstroke and both Chella Man and Chelsea Zhang as Deathstroke’s kids.

Source: Deadline