I Saw The Devil Gets A Remake

In the past decade or so, three South Korean genre films garnered both critical acclaim and cult followings across the world. The first was Park Chan-wook’s “Oldboy,” the second was Bong Joon-ho’s “The Host” (“Gwoemul”), and the third was Kim Ji-woon’s “I Saw the Devil”.

Now an English-language “I Saw the Devil” remake is on the way, courtesy of producers Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna (“Dredd,” “The Grey”) and their 1984 Private Defense Contractors label which has acquired the rights. Shankar says: “Kim Jee-Woon’s ‘I Saw the Devil’ is perfect in so many ways. The intention is not to remake the film per se, but rather to ‘port’ it for international audiences.”

The character-driven, brutally violent original followed a deadly secret service agent (Lee Byung-hun) whose pregnant fiance is murdered by a deranged killer (Choi Min-sik). The agent tracks him down right away, but instead of merely killing him in revenge, he begins an increasingly violent and twisted game of cat-and-mouse where he is the one pulling the strings.

The film is famous for its incredibly dark and violent elements in which the Korean countryside seems to be full of deadly psychopaths or hapless victims. Yet the film can’t be dismissed like so many others due to the clever storytelling structure and skilled filmmaking on offer.

Source: The Wrap