Hustle, “Hannibal,” “Castle” Delays

In the wake of the Boston marathon bombing, and the apprehension of two suspects over the past 48 hours, both a film production in Boston and television airings around the country have been disrupted.

David O. Russell’s ABSCAM project “American Hustle” temporarily suspended production this week because of the manhunt. The project returned to the Boston area on the evening of April 17th, after several days in the Worcester area, and is slated to film around the city through May.

On the television front, NBC has pulled next week’s fourth episode of “Hannibal” over concerns about a particularly violent storyline in which a character persuades children to kill other children.

The episode will still air overseas, but there are no plans for a Stateside release with the season finale to now wrap a week earlier. No word yet as to when U.S. viewers will get the chance to see said episode.

ABC’s “Castle” has also nixed an episode in which Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) triggers a pressure-sensitive bomb and spends the episode trying not to detonate it. That episode however hasn’t been pulled, rather it will be delayed a week and will now air on April 29th.

Other shows like “New Girl” and “Family Guy” have also pulled old episodes from airing for the moment.

Sources: Deadline and The Live Feed