Hunter S. Thompson’s “Prisoner” Adapted?

Motion Picture Corporation of America has picked up the film rights to “Prisoner of Denver”, a 2004 Vanity Fair article co-written by the late legendary author Hunter S. Thompson and the mag’s contributing editor Mark Seal says The Hollywood Reporter.

The article looked at injustice and abuse within Colorado’s legal system, specifically focusing on 21-year-old Lisl Auman. Auman was charged with murder and given a life sentence, this despite the crime occurring while she was already in police custody and in the back of a police car.

Auman began a correspondence with Thompson and his unrelenting grass-roots activism helped overturn her sentence in 2005. Thompson called Seal and enlisted his help and soon Seal found himself coming up against skinheads, speed freaks and angry cops in his efforts to pursue the truth.

The article is one of Thompson’s last works and the author sadly committed suicide before the case was overturned. The film will focus the story around Thompson and Seal as “a couple of gonzo Woodward and Bernsteins”.

Seal, Brad Krevoy, Mike Callaghan and Reuben Liber will produce.