Hunnam Explains His “Fifty Shades” Exit

Charlie Hunnam has spoken more about quitting the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” film adaptation.

The blond British thesp was originally cast in the part of the kinky billionaire but had to drop out two months later for reasons that weren’t quite clear. Ultimately Irish model Jamie Dornan stepped in and played the role in the production.

Now, speaking with Moviefone, the actor said it was all a matter of an intense schedule that he couldn’t handle and he wouldn’t have originally signed up to the film if he hadn’t wanted to do it. But:

“It was a really really difficult time in my life. I was going to finish ‘Sons’ at like 11p.m. Friday night, get on the plane Saturday morning to Vancouver for ‘Fifty,’ missing the whole first week of rehearsal and start shooting Monday morning.

And I was going to shoot that film, wrap that on the Wednesday and the following Monday I was going to start shooting ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto. I just had like… frankly, something of a nervous breakdown.

I really didn’t want to fail on such a grand scale, and I just couldn’t transition from Jax Teller to Christian Grey in 48 hours. I bit off more than I could chew and it was painful. I loved the character and I wanted to do it.”

Added to that, he had just come off press rounds for “Pacific Rim,” so stress levels were no doubt high. It hasn’t hurt his career though, the actor is attached to at least three projects in the works including “Pacific Rim 2,” “The Mountain Between Us” and “Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur”.