Hunger Games Sequel Director Not Set

Unlike the film’s stars, “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross is not signed on for the sequel says The Hollywood Reporter. This has lead to discussions about a significant raise for the helmer to take the reins of the next film in the trilogy – “Catching Fire”.

Despite making over $360 million thus far worldwide, ‘Games’ was not without its issues. Negotiations for Ross to do the first film were decidedly tough and he took a relatively low salary to co-write and direct the film – though he will collect a very nice 5% of the backend.

Ross didn’t begin negotiations until early last month and now there’s questions over whether he will return to begin filming the project this Fall. While he may have a lot of balls in his corner, major franchises from “Twilight” to “Harry Potter” have shown studios are more willing than ever to replace directors if needs be.

Lionsgate reportedly has a script from Simon Beaufoy which Ross has yet to revise. Another complication is Fox could exercise its option on Jennifer Lawrence for a “X-Men First Class” sequel which could cause issues with filming schedules and Lionsgate’s already targeted November 22nd 2013 release date for ‘Fire’.

More as it develops.