Hunger Games Eats Up Gary Ross

Gary Ross has signed a deal to direct an adaptation of potential franchise starter “The Hunger Games” for Lionsgate reports Variety.

The project is based on the Suzanne Collins novel series which have developed a major following across all ages and is said to potentially be the ‘next Twilight’. The first in a planned trilogy, the story involves a young love triangle playing out against a dystopian future where North America has been divided into twelve oppressed districts, each of which is forced to send tribute in the form of a boy and a girl to compete in a televised battle to the death once a year.

Collins adapted her own book which Billy Ray (“Shattered Glass”) has re-written and just handed in. Nina Jacobson will produce the project which is set to hover near a $60 million budget. Ross beat out the likes of Sam Mendes and David Slade for the gig.