Hulu’s “The First” Trailer, “Castle Rock” Featurette

Hulus The First Trailer Castle Rock Featurette

Hulu has been busy today, starting with the trailer for their new Sean Penn-led series “The First”. Set in the near future, the story explores the challenges of taking the first steps towards Mars.

Viewers will get an intimate look at the dedicated characters trying to reach the unknown while dealing with the psychological and physical toll it takes to achieve the impossible.

“House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon is behind the series which will launch in full on September 14th.

Additionally, the streaming service has also released a quite comprehensive half-hour documentary to introduce audiences to their new Stephen King multiverse series “Castle Rock”.

The show goes into Stephen King’s personal history and covers the ideas behind the story which will craft new stories from the lore of King’s books. The lengthy doco comes ahead of the premiere tomorrow