Hulu Tries Army Drama With “One Million Steps”

Hulu and A+E Studios are teaming to develop war drama series “One Million Steps” based on the book by former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West.

The story explores one distinguished platoon in the United States Marine Corps., infantry Battalion 3/5, which lost half its members in the war in Afghanistan over a relentless seven-month odyssey.

Robert Munic (“Ice”) will pen the script for the drama, which should it move to pilot; Scott Waugh (“Act of Valor”) will direct. Both will executive produce alongside Braden Aftergood (“Hell or High Water”).

The series is one of several military-themed dramas in the works aside from History’s already renewed drama “Six” and USA’s “Shooter”.

Also on the way is The CW’s “Valor,” FOX’s TV series adaptation of 2003’s Owen Wilson film “Behind Enemy Lines,” NBC’s “For God and Country” and CBS’ untitled Navy SEALs drama which just scored Jim Caviezel as a cast member.

Source: THR