Hulu Considers Saving “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”?

Just hours after news broke that FOX would not be picking up its comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for a sixth season, fan reaction has been swift and huge with discussion of the series becoming the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter.

Now Deadline reports that while it may be over at FOX, despite it being the network’s highest-rated live-action comedy series this season among adults 18-49, there is reported interest from other outlets about picking up the show which stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. The most likely home is Hulu, with conversations reportedly already underway about the show potentially moving there.

Hulu previously picked up “The Mindy Project” after its cancellation by FOX so this wouldn’t be a surprise, especially as both shows were produced by Hulu’s corporate sibling Universal TV and 3 Arts Entertainment. An added bonus is the show’s audience does most of their watching via streaming so would have little issue with the jump.

Another possibility is TBS, which in December picked up off-network rights to the comedy. That network is now overseen by an exec who helped develop and first air the series back when he worked at FOX and he remains a big fan of the show. The same goes for Netflix where the head of the streamer’s acquisition’s department helped developed the show. However as Hulu already has SVOD rights, so that’s a longer shot.

Finally, there’s NBC who could also rescue the comedy. Certainly off-network deals make prolonging the show’s run profitable for both the parent company and whomever takes in the show so those involved in the series are reportedly optimistic about its return.