Hulme Talks Steve Jobs Biopic

Film producer Mark Hulme recently spoke with Neowin about the upcoming “Jobs”, the Ashton Kutcher-led indie biopic of late iconic Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Hulme confirms the movie primarily focuses on the early years of Apple, its founding and the up and down years from 1971 to 2000. The film itself is not based on one particular book though – “Since Apple was a public company and since Steve Jobs was a very visible and much-written-about individual, there is a wealth of source material. We also enlisted the support of primary sources who knew him personally.”

Discussions are presently underway with actors to play key supporting roles like Steve Wozniak, John Sculley, Mike Markkula and Daniel Kottke. The film is being shot primarily in Los Angeles and is “not connected with Apple in any way”.

Distribution deals are in the works, but no specifics are available other than an intended fourth-quarter release this year.