Hulk Sequel & Capt. America Cameo

Talking with G4’s Attack of the Show, “The Incredible Hulk” director Louis Leterrier hints that “Captain America” himself makes an appearance in the sequel (best guess – probably in a photo in the background somewhere).

Ever since the brief appearance of Captain America’s shield in “Iron Man”, the talk of crossover elements between the upcoming films has been building. As already reported, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) makes a cameo in the film and a new TV spot.

In the same interview, Letterrier says that “I’d love to do it” in regards to a sequel and that this first film definitely lays the groundwork for further films, but it will depend on the film’s box-office success.

He cites the previously publicised disagreement between him and Norton as to being over the film’s first three-hour cut, NOT the film’s final cut as earlier reported. The removal of Ed Norton’s screenwriting credit is also said to be due to WGA arbitration. Whilst the DVD will have some deleted scenes, there will not be an extended cut of the film.