Hulk, Knight Trailer Updates

The long-awaited first (and likely only) trailer for “The Incredible Hulk” looks finally set to be released shortly. Superhero Hype reports that the preview will make its debut at Showest convention in Las Vegas next Thursday morning.

When will it actually hit cinemas? Hard to say. Universal has “Doomsday” coming out the following day which would seem a perfect fit, but there has been no official word on a debut date. Another possibility is their George Clooney comedy “Leatherheads” on April 4th.

Meanwhile the long rumoured about second trailer for “The Dark Knight” that was said to have been attached to tomorrow’s “10,000 B.C.” looks to have been pushed back.

Warners only has two other major releases before Knight’s debut – May 9th’s “Speed Racer” and June 20th’s “Get Smart” leaving many to speculate that a second teaser may be scrapped altogether in favor of a full trailer on ‘Speed’, or be released unattached later this month.