Hughes Planning “Red Hill” Sequels

Filmmaker Patrick Hughes, the writer/director of upcoming modern western/revenge piece “Red Hill”, says he’s got plans for two similar films as part of a series that could well be nicknamed ‘The Colors Trilogy’.

Speaking with Film School Rejects, Hughes says each film will be a modern western with a revenge theme and each will be set in a different geographical location. The first one, “Red Hill”, follows a young cop (Ryan Kwanten) who must survive his first day’s duty in a small rural town in outback Australia. That film opens November 5th in the U.S. and December 2nd in Australia.

The planned follow-ups would be the Mexican border-town set “Black Valley”, and the wintry Rockies-set “White Mountain”. Kwanten’s character won’t be returning for said projects.

If the trilogy is successful, might I suggest a Scandinavian-set “Blue Fjord” soon after?