Hugh Jackman Says Goodbye To Wolverine

Next year’s third “Wolverine” film will serve as the end of Hugh Jackman’s stint in the role after seventeen years of playing the clawed mutant – a role which changed his life. Funnily enough it also marks the occasion of being the first R-rated “Wolverine” film with Logan’s fighting skills finally getting shown in all their glory.

Filming on the project wrapped in New Mexico late last week but it wasn’t quite clear if the whole production had wrapped. Well it looks like it has with Jackman posting up a video over the weekend of him saying goodbye to the character’s mutton chops by shaving them off.

The actor has been made to look deliberately older in the new film which is expected to follow the “Old Man Logan” storyline and will be set sometime in the future – allowing for the return of an older Professor X (Patrick Stewart). James Mangold helms the film which opens March 3rd next year.