How “Warcraft” Breaks The Game-Film Curse

Ahead of the release of the official trailer tomorrow, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures have released two more character posters for the upcoming “Warcraft” movie which you can check out below.

At the same time, the film’s director Duncan Jones has spoken about his 3D epic based on Blizzard Entertainment’s famous MMORPG. Specifically the filmmaker talked with EW about how the new film aims to break the curse of video game to movie adaptations which have so far been only adequate at best.

“There are a couple of things. One thing I would say is that that stigma used to be attached to comic book movies too. It took a generation of filmmakers who loved and were raised on comic books to make movies that you actually cared about and felt something for. I think that’s absolutely the same with what’s going on with video game movies.

I am absolutely of the video games generation, starting on the Atari and Commodore 64 and the Amiga. I’m a gamer at heart and always have been. I’m also a filmmaker. I think my sensibilities about storytelling and character just automatically come into play when I’m trying to work on any kind of narrative. For me, it doesn’t really matter what the source of the narrative is. I will be looking for ways to make it into an intriguing story with empathetic characters.”

Charles Leavitt penned and Jones has since re-written the script for the film which opens June 10th 2016.